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A totally unique ‘corporate entertainment’ experience

Ideal for a client events evening or a motivational staff away day


Have a go! Making a pot on the potter’s wheel is one of those ‘I’ve always wanted to do’ activities. This fun session offers the opportunity to do just that!
Everybody can do it: There are no mistakes in pottery – just happy accidents and learning experiences! The positive, inclusive nature of the instruction means everybody can join in the fun and achieve amazing results.
Great Spectator sport: What could be more entertaining than watching your colleagues wrestle with a lump of mud spinning at great speed!
Versatile: The Flying Potter has lots of ideas and formats that can be tailored to suit your particular needs. You may even want to introduce your own theme.
Part of a larger event: A potter’s wheel would make an exciting and unexpected addition to a larger event you may be planning. It could be a full-scale participatory session or a continuous demonstration for your clients as they relax in the bar!Home or away: The convenience of the Flying Potter conducting workshops at your venue has many benefits. However, you may be looking for an away-day event. Why not visit the home of the flying potter, Eastnor Pottery on the beautiful Eastnor Castle Estate? The studio can accommodate up to 12 adults and has a lawn area ideal for summer picnics.

Cost: We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Prices are available on request.

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