Brewer Science Ltd – Derby UK

The President of the company lives in the USA. When he was due to visit the marketing division based in Derby, the team wanted to offer an evenings entertainment, a little different from the traditional ‘meal’ partaken in previous years.

The Flying Potter was contacted and an evening of pot throwing arranged. The workshop took place after work at the company’s new offices in Derby. Jon turned up in good time with four electric potter’s wheels, a generous floor covering and all the tools and materials needed to run the session.

Pizza & drinks were sent out for and the 10 participants sat back and enjoyed an entertaining demonstration. The freshly thrown demo’ quickly became an owl pot with all present contributing to the design by modelling features and feathers.

The rest of the evening was spent taking turns, in groups of four, making pots on the wheel.

At the end of the evening the clay was packed away and the office left as clean as it was found. Jon took the creative master-pieces (including the owl) back to his studio in Herefordshire. The works were then fired, glazed and collected three weeks later.