Palliative Care Unit – Gloucester Royal Hospital

Searching for a stress relieving, end of year activity, the team booked a workshop with the Flying Potter.

The 11 participants spent a relaxing day making pots on the potters wheel and hand-building clay sculpture at Eastnor Pottery in the beautiful, rural county of Herefordshire.

The finished works included: egg-cups, oil-burners, toast-racks and plant pots. The items were all fired and glazed and made excellent Christmas presents.

Paul Farris Entertainment – Belle House Hotel, Beaconsfield

Paul specialises in providing parties, variety shows and events for big corporations and organisations. One of his most popular formats is a version of the T.V show ‘The Generation Game’ or De-generation game as he prefers to call it!

The Flying Potter was contracted to provide four potters wheels, a throwing demonstration. After the demonstration the participants were given 1and a half minutes to produce a pot. Jon was then asked to judge the contestants efforts. Although the pottery game only lasted half an hour, it was an integral part of the whole evenings fun.