Stress – Busting Clay Workshops

Designed to ease tension and empower the individual


Therapeutic: The therapeutic benefits of working with clay are considerable: for one it’s a ‘real’, hands – on material, as opposed to the virtual world we inhabit at our computer screens.
Pot making engages mind, body & soul participants are so absorbed there is little capacity left to dwell on anything else. Participants often return to their work with a fresh perspective and ability to find creative solutions to work based issues.
Self-esteem: The clay workshops are structured to improve self-esteem. There is no such thing as a clay mistake – just happy and creative accidents! Participants are encouraged to see the positive implications of all their actions and decisions.
Clay is such an inclusive and accessible material. Every body can do it, and given the opportunity and a little guidance, participants produce amazing results that give a huge sense of achievement.
Self expression: Pottery is an excellent vehicle for creative exploration. The workshops provide a low-risk, fun environment for individuals to experiment, discover hidden talents and excel in a new way.

Workshop content:
This workshop focuses on the potter's wheel. Each participant is assigned their own wheel for the duration of the session. After a comprehensive demonstration, we proceed as a group, through the throwing process. This is done on a 'step by step' basis. As participants gain confidence, they will be encouraged to develope at their own pace, with guidence as and when required. Depending on the length of the session participants get to 'scale up' the amount of clay and attempt to make larger pieces.
Reflection and critical analysis and is a vital aspect and at suitable points, we take time to evaluate each others work and discuss various creative approaches. The resulting work is then taken away to be fired, glazed and couriered to an address of your choice.

Sessions delivered to a venue of your choice or why not create and relax in rural tranquility at Eastnor Pottery, home of the Flying Potter.

Cost: Prices available on request. Please contact Jon Williams to discuss your ideas.

E-mail :

Telephone: 01531 633886

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