Team-Bonding Clay Workshops

Design & build a collaborative artwork for the office


Collaboration: The workshops involve participants working together towards a common goal – culminating in a finished artwork everybody has had a hand in making.
Shared ownership: The finished artwork and the collaborative manner in which it was produced will foster a sense of pride and shared ownership.
Individual contribution: The workshops are structured to nurture respect for each other’s ideas and work. New skills will be discovered and hidden talents revealed.
Communication: The collaborative nature of the workshop means that participants will be in constant dialogue with each other, interacting and exchanging ideas.
Resolving conflict: Problem solving, decision-making and competition will encourage participants to find different ways of working together. These methods will be transferable to the work arena.
Feedback: Participants are encouraged to present their ideas. This involves discussion, giving and managing criticism.
Reminder: Installation of the artwork in the workplace will serve as a permanent reminder of what can be achieved by effective teamwork.

Content: The Clay Crest Challenge
A fantastic teambuilding workshop where participants work collaboratively to produce a company coat of arms.
This two and a half hour session works exceptionally well with 20-30 participants. Great as an evening 'breakout' activity!
Following the ice-breaking demonstration, participants are split into smaller groups - each group responsible for a separate section of the coat of arms. There are four potter's wheels (one for each group) and each participant has a go to produce a thrown element for their team's design.

After colouring the wet clay, the sections are brought together and each group has the opportunity to present their ideas to the others. Constructive critism is encouraged and individual contributions acknowledged.

The work is then taken away to be fired, glazed, professionaly mounted and couriered to an address of your choice. The theme is usually work-based with each section of the coat of arms assigned a word or concept.

Cost: Dependant on numbers and length of session. Please contact Jon Williams to discuss your specific needs and ideas.

E-mail :

Telephone 01531 633886

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